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Ringback tone advertising, or RBT-ads, also known as ringback advertising, ad ringback, Ad-RBT, or Biz-Ring, replaces the standard call progress signal a caller hears, such as the ringback tone, that indicates the called phone is ringing, with advertisements or other promotional messages. Wireless carriers, calling cards, and free information services offer RBT-Ad space to advertisers, making it possible for service providers to offer free wireless services to consumers and subscribers.
How does it work?
- STEP ONE: Person B subscribes to CardTelecom
- STEP TWO: Person A calls Person B
- STEP THREE: Intelligent profiling delivers targeted ad to Person A until call is answered
- STEP FOUR: Person B rewarded with selected network offers
What do I get for free?
- Unlimited Free Сalls
- Unlimited Free SMS
- 10 GB internet access. Automatic updating every month
One-time connection fee:
This service have a one-time connection fee amounting to $30
Examples of firms using RingBack Tone Advertising:
Examples of firms using RingBack Tone Advertising include but not limited to: Coca-Cola, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Warner Bros., Burger King, Nivea, Kraft, HSBC, Aviva, China Airlines, Taiwan Sports Lottery, TKK Fried Chicken, HOLA, Nokia, Yakult, Marvel, and King Games.
The mobile device offers an opportunity to personalize and target advertising, increase return on advertising spending and delivering added value to consumers at the same time. Ringback Advertising has the precision of direct marketing, the attention value of cinema and more detailed tracking than internet advertising. Tapping into this new advertising medium has tremendous potential for brands and media companies. With its high usage frequency and reach, Ringback Advertising represents a significant revenue source for operators while being non-intrusive for consumers.
If you want to make free calls, click on this link [http://cardtelecom.com/Buy_Card.asp] and fill the form. 
If your phone number suitable for our program you will receive a confirmation SMS. We only accept phone numbers in roaming in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.
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If you travel a lot around the world and different countries, but always want to call your phone, you can safely call where you want and how much you want. Now you will not have any charges for roaming, all calls will not be expensive and you will always be in touch. You will also have a lot of Internet, you can watch your favorite movies, download your favorite games and applications. You will communicate on Skype, send photos and videos of places where you will travel, download interesting things in the histograms, make purchases and all this with the help of good and high-quality communication. Join the new technologies and communications of the future